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Finally finished going through the 9k ++ deviant watch updates that accumulated over the months.

I have been working on 3D art and photography. Will post some scraps soon though the results are far from satisfactory. My drawings are now mainly sketches to study anatomy. I don't have a scanner but I'll try to post some sketches if I manage to scan some of them.
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I've been working so hard that I've fallen ill. Ok, maybe it isn't just because I worked hard. The weather has been eccentric of late, switching rapidly between blazing suns and heavy downpours. I was coughing so hard that I decided not to play games. Instead, I was working on ideas for a commissioned work and ended up with this:…

Now, time to get the real work done. I need to finish it by Wednesday! Yikes!
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Mario, or raynkazuya (his online moniker), never fails to amaze me with his artwork. The fact that he draws and paint with a mouse rather than a tablet is simply inspiring.

He has a style that that is a fusion of oriental and fantasy that is reminiscent of Chinese fantasy or wuxia novel covers. His characters are well-designed. Their poses and facial expressions speak volumes of their emotions. Mario has a knack of using subtle details to greatly enhance the atmosphere of the image.

Mario's artwork is an inspiration for me because that is the kind of style that I'm striving for. His works have graced the cover many magazines and artbooks - testimonies of his talents.

I shall work even harder to follow in the footsteps of this a master digital artist.

My picks:

Purgatory by MarioWibisono   Salvation by MarioWibisono   Redemption by MarioWibisono   Mirumoto Kei by MarioWibisono

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While browsing at a magazine stand, I picked up my first copy of ImagineFX ( I was blown away by the amount of creative inspiration that flew off the pages of the magazine. I have not felt so inspired since I first joined dA 5 years ago. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in fantasy and sci-fi art.

Another two publications I'm looking forward to get my hands on are EXPOSÉ and Exotique.
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I have been busy with my new job. Lots of learning on the job and firefighting to deal with emergencies. I hardly have time to myself now since I spend 3 to 4 hours a day commuting to and from work.

Still, that won't bring me down. I have been working on my writing and drawing. An hour a day split between these two. Practice, practice, practice.

I have gone back to basics with my drawing. I did not receive any training in arts, aside from mandatory Arts classes back in primary and secondary school. I realized the need for a strong foundation for me to further improve myself. Hence, I've decided to pick up books on drawing to learn as much as I can.

It's funny how I only start now. Back when I was young, I was rather apprehensive about drawing at home. I doodled a lot on my textbooks and notes in school. However, the presence of my father back home kept me from showing interest in drawing. As an artist, he did not want his children to follow his footsteps as he considered art to be a career without future. He is a strict teacher and demands his students to put in a lot of effort on the foundation work. Being his children, he had higher expectations of us and his critique of our works were often very scathing. Eventually, we learnt to hide our art pieces from his eyes lest we get demoralized.

The passion still stokes in me. The need to create, be it in writing or in drawing. Hence, I have started to practice once more. In open. I hope dad won't be too disappointed.
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I realised that I should stop lamenting about the lack of time and try to find some time each day to do things that I enjoy.

Now that I have access to 64 bit versions of Maya and 3D Studio Max, on top of a new quad core rig, I have the chance to work on some 3D graphics. I doubt I'll be posting any of the ugly 3D stuff here any time soon. Other types of artwork will be posted when I finish them. I guess having a new, faster PC helps me to find a bit more time to do things, since it doesn't lag at all!

I'm very grateful to all the people who faved and complimented the Dragons art piece. I never expected it to be so popular and I really appreciate the fact that you love it.
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Apparently, someone has stolen my art piece to use on their site. Although they are smart enough to remove the words from the image, they weren't too bright and did not rename the image name.

This is the original:…

This is the copy:…

I have emailed the webmaster to request for the removal of the image or at least credit me. I wonder if they would reply.

What do you think I should do I they refuse to take down the art?
I haven't been working on personal art pieces as I've taken up several paid projects. Now that the mid-semester break is here, I'll try to work on some pieces.
I've finally found the time to work on more art pieces. It's been a long time since I last did graphics work and I'm pretty rusty. I'll be posting all works here, including the experimental pieces. I thought I'll post them up rather than just delete them or lock them up somewhere in the hard drive.
I'm so close to starting work on graphics once more!

I have been looking around for good stock sites and I'll list them some of them here to help you guys if you need stock!

Wow! 999 pageviews! Thank you everyone! I know I don't have much to offer on my gallery. I haven't had much time to work on any art pieces but I have stocked up many good stock images which I wish to work on. I just hope I can squeeze in some time for my art!